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Dedicated home cooks come to the Rocky Mountains between Boulder and Estes Park to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of nature's beauty in a forest on a creek. Savory Palette Retreats offers vacation workshops and personal cooking instruction in the culinary arts guided by an experienced gourmet cook and food writer, all in a bed and breakfast setting.

Festive Tables
for succulent days and juicy nights

We have bathed in the splendid light and laughter of raggedy friends and family breaking bread at our table for over 50 years.

  • from throwing together a loaf and ladle to pairing wines with six courses
  • from aqua picnic plastics on the plaid blanket to porcelain and antique silver on lace
  • from a box of sauvignon blanc under the palapa at the beach to an unexpectedly good shiraz at a bandshell concert

Having all these choices--it's most heady and oh, so very grand.

We remember all the hens and hands which urged the egg to our market basket, the stools we sat on, eager to learn what to do with it, the delicious friends who trundle the stairs to join us sleepy-faced for the morning-after omelets.

Come from behind that door to where the stove is hot, the stories warm, and the folks way-cool. Grab a knife! Almost everything we are about to tell you is true.

To table! To table!


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